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Alphastar cattery, lls.



Welcome to my wonderful cats world. I am the founder of Alphastar Cattery at TICA and founder of Alphastar Cattery, Ilc. And breeder of purebreed Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight shorthair and longhair kittens. 

This home cattery was founded in 2018 and began its existence with my first purebred Scottish Straight cat Avelina, black silver ticked color. I love this color. I love this breed since childhood. The best of the best breeds, and my kittens are soft, kind, socialized, litter box and scratching post trained, moderately playful, affectionate and friendly. But at the same time, such a difficult breed to breed requires knowledge in colors, genetics, etc. 

Then I completed a course on felinology and this breed in general. Then I took a second course, which expanded my knowledge. 

This is my calling, my love, and work and way of life. Animals require attention 24/7, food, care, love, communication, cleaning. It needs to be loved. Right? Easily? No, but it's worth it. Giving families joy, warmth, a furry friend, a family member.

Careful selection of dams and surfs of cattery based on health, coat color, eye color, type, with a friendly character so that the kittens inherit the habits and part of the character of the parents. Breeding cats must be healthy, friendly, intelligent, and stress-resistant. Feeding also plays an important role in raising kittens, only premium food, raw food, with high-quality ingredients, so that in the future there will be no reason to consult a doctor. The key to good health and immunity is also in nutrition. All my dams and Surs are DNA tested with clear result for avoid genetic issues at their kittens. Also my adults tested Felv/Fiv with clear results. The character of a kitten depends on many factors, such as genetics, temperament, upbringing by the cat’s mother, and the atmosphere in which the person was raised. My main goal is to raise the wonderful and intelligent character of my kittens and, of course, health.

An important part of breeding is participation in exhibitions. My pets have participated in TICA exhibitions and won places more than once.



This chapter includes information/questions/answers from my own experience and my opinion, only for my cats/kittens, cattery, customers.

  • What to feed?
    Canned food for up to 3 months, then introduce dry food, please only premium class, good quality, with good composition. Or consult your veterinarian. Don't skimp on food. This is the key to future health. Clean and fresh water is freely available. Cats do not like to eat plastic; the best choice is steel and ceramics. Do not feed from your table or dog food. Please feed with food according to age, one for kittens, another for adults. This is important because food for different ages has different fat content and nutritional value, and different composition. Feed in portions at the same time. Cats have a good sense of time. Cats are obligate carnivores and love to eat raw food as well.
  • Why are you giving the kitten away early?
    Because I understand that the buyer wants to see and feel this little age of the new family members. The kitten is growing up so quickly. I want to have time to enjoy his childhood. Around 3 months is the best age.
  • What if I have children?
    Please supervise the kitten and the children if the children are small. So that everything is safe.
  • What if I like the cold in the house?
    Please keep the kitten away from drafts and cold so that he does not catch a cold.
  • What to do if your cat/kitten is sick or not feeling well?
    Important! Contact your licensed veterinarian in time for the necessary help.
  • Which doctor should you choose?
    The one that is located closer to your home, for convenience and the ability to quickly come to the doctor in case of urgent need. A second opinion is sometimes necessary as well.
  • What will be the weight and size?
    Approximately between mom and dad, the average size of a Scottish cat from my cattery is 6 - 9 pounds, it also depends on gender, boys usually weigh more.
  • Why so expensive?
    Because experience, knowledge, labor, everyday work without weekends and holidays cannot be cheap. Working on a breed, especially one as complex as the Scottish one, cannot be cheap. Is the price unreasonably high? Then ask yourself the question: should a person doing something, even a favorite one, receive a reward or a bonus for it?
  • I paid for the kitten, I text when I want!?
    Please do not violate the personal boundaries of the breeder, he is not omnipotent and may also not know something, he is a simple person who is passionate about his work every day, raises a new miracle every day, puts part of his soul into it, and this is priceless. Please value other people's and your time.
  • Are there any special care requirements for long hair?
    Yes, scratch every other day to prevent tangles from forming. Sometimes cut and wash your intimate area. Sheds almost the same as shorthaired dogs, but looks larger due to the length of the coat.
  • Well, does the cat feed the kittens?
    Typically, a cat stops feeding at about 2 months. Everything is individual. The cat starts in hit for a week and the milk goes away. Especially if the litter is multiple. A 2 month old kitten eats all canned food on his own, litter box trained.
  • Why the Scottish breed?
    A friendly breed, moderately kind and playful, moderately active, stress-resistant, sociable, intelligent, affectionate, the best of the best.
  • Insurance for a kitten?
    I have no recommendation for this question. Please do a search on Google, study this issue yourself using reviews to choose the best and most reliable option for you.
  • Do kittens/cats get sick if I bought them from a cattery?
    Yes, no one can be insured and exclude diseases of a living being. But this factor can be minimized with the help of timely vaccination, proper care of the animal, using genetic tests of adult cats to reduce the risks of transmitting genetic diseases to offspring, tests for major diseases that are transmitted to offspring.
  • What color of fur and eyes will my adult cat have?
    The coat color is usually a little darker by the first year of life, the eye color will be brighter and richer in the first year.
  • Can I bring a kitten alone for 9 hours?
    Yes, if he is safe and not hungry.
  • When to fixed my kitten?
    The average time before puberty is 4 to 8 months.
  • What guarantees?
    No one can give a 100% guarantee, neither the breeder (because he buys a cat from another breeder, cannot guarantee that the ancestors were very healthy, especially since any purebred breed has a mixture of other breeds), nor the vaccine manufacturer, nor the veterinarian, nor testing company. Much depends on immunity and the immune response to the environment, virus, bacteria, lifestyle, nutrition, etc.
  • I have a dog in my house!?
    Great, my kittens are sociable and friendly, I think they will become friends.
  • So there’s nothing to do there, I heard?
    There is a lot of work, please respect the person’s work, even if it seems to you that he is doing nothing. You may be wrong.
  • Is it possible to let a cat outside?
    Scottish cats, indoor cats. But if you decide to release, it is entirely your responsibility.
  • What is a home cattery?
    My cattery is located at my home, where all the cats and kittens are family members who are in contact with me and support my family every day until they move to a new home.
  • Which scratching post should you choose?
    For a kitten up to about 8 - 10 months, one that is not high so that it is safe. Kittens condo, kittens tree, cats scratcher post, papers scratcher.
  • How often should I bathe my cat?
    Cats are clean animals, they usually wash themselves and tidy up their fur. It is advisable to wash it no more than once every six months.
  • Is the kitten afraid in the first days, hiding?
    Please give him time to adapt to your home, to his new family, new sounds may frighten him, new smells to which he needs to get used. Stroke him, pay attention, play with him calmly, don't scare him. Some kittens need a couple of days to adapt, others a week, this is normal, it all depends on their character and courage. Maybe he just needs more time.
  • Where is my cattery located?
    At my home Levittown, Pennsylvania.
  • When to see the doctor for vaccination?
    Please consult your veterinarian and follow the recommendations. FVRCP, rabies.
  • Why can't I come and choose a kitten in person?
    Because my nursery is located in my private house, where it is clean, I do not have a shelter, not a zoo. You can personally choose between several available kittens only if you are guaranteed to pick up one kitten.
  • What if I want a kitten for breeding?
    The kitten, as a pet, will have TICA papers without the right to breed, as stated in the contract. For breeding, for an additional payment of $300, I will order a pedigree for a kitten with breeding rights.
  • Do I need to trim my nails?
    If necessary, if the cat scratches.
  • I want a kitten cheaper or at a discount!
    My kittens are well worth their price. This is how I appreciated my work, experience, knowledge. I hope for your understanding.
  • Well, I want a kitten that will come to me and choose me?
    Answer the following questions for yourself... What if the one I chose doesn’t go? What if no one comes? What if the kitten is shy? Is the kitten stressed from the new guest? You will continue to look for that same kitten. Please don't take up the breeder's time, which is very little to waste. The breeder has a personal life, other work, plans, care for the cattery. You could face time call via Whatsapp or Instagram to meet kittens.
  • What's included in the price?
    Let's take a closer look. Dams of cattery for breeding purebred beautiful healthy with pedigree is very expensive. Sure cat is also expensive. A cat who is pregnant or nursing kittens eats a lot, kittens need care products, annual vaccinations, TICA membership, scratching posts, paid exhibitions, paid documents, paid registrations, paid vaccinations for each kitten, carriers, tests, advertising, grooming etc.
  • Can a straight-eared kitten/cat get chondrodysplasia?
    Based on the theory, no, because the fold gene, which is genetically disrupted due to a fracture of the cartilaginous joint on the auricle, will not be passed on to him.
  • How to choose your very own kitten?
    The breeder will tell you his character; in a familiar and calm environment, he behaves naturally. Look at what is important to you: color, ears, coat length, gender, age, price. It is important to understand what exactly you want.
  • Can a Fold kitten/cat get chondrodysplasia?
    There is such a possibility, but more often such a disease manifests itself if the cats were crossed incorrectly, fold - fold. This gives a double fold allele, which is not correct.
  • How much does it shed?
    Like an ordinary animal, seasonal.
  • Where is the best place to buy?
    A professional breeder who is experienced, has completed courses, is officially registered, has a lot of knowledge in general about cats and the breed. The breeder is responsible for the kitten while it lives in his home, and then is responsible for handling, feeding, caring for the buyer, and if medical care is necessary.
  • How often should I feed?
    Around 3 times a day.
  • When should I pick up a kitten?
    I give the opportunity to pick up from 9 weeks. What about castration/sterilization? You will be responsible for spaying/neutering. Costs range from $90 to $400 in PA.
  • I already have a cat in my house!?
    Great, but first try to introduce them slowly and gently. Your cat is the master of your home. Leave your baby alone in the room for a couple of days so that they can both sniff and look forward to new smells. Then in a few hours you will graduate together in your understanding, see if the whole world can do them. If there are no sections, they may need more time to adapt.
  • What toys?
    Any safe ones, where you can be sure that the kitten will not tear it off, swallow it, or get hurt. Remove anything that could harm it until it grows up.
  • Is there an agreement?
    Yes, please go to the 'Contract' section. The contract is signed by both parties, two copies per day when you pick up the kitten.




Dam of Cattery I require nonrefundable deposit $300 to hold the kitten.  Accept payment via cash,  Venmo,  Zelle.


Kitten includes:

  • Tica registration papers (breeder slip and litter registration);

  • Veterinarian check up (includes vaccination and deworming);

  • Microchip;

  • Genetic health guarantee (kittens parents DNA tested and Felv/Fiv negative)

  • Litter box and scratcher post trained kitten;

  • Contract for both sides (signed at date when pick up).

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